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Limbo Walkthrough Chapter 4

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Jump the gap to the log.

You'll notice a huge boulder rolling at you.

Quickly jump back the way you came.

Jump over the boulder, and continue on your way.

Jump off the end of the log to the edge of the cliff. You might be able to just climb up this.

Notice the hanging vine.

Pull the crate back to the hanging vine.

Jump on the crate and then jump up to the hanging vine.

Swing on the vine.

When you are at full arc jump to the next branch.

Jump to the branch that was above the hanging vine.

Jump across to the next branch.

Jump across to the next branch.

Once again, jump across to the next branch.

Push the log that is balancing on top of the tree over.

If you look close, there is a vine hanging there.

Swing on the vine, and at the end of the swing jump to the next branch.

I don't really know what this little ball of light is, but you can walk over it.

Jump back to the vine that you previously grabbed.

Climb down it and fall to the branch below it.

Climb down the end of the branch, and fall to the ground.

Push the crate back to the water.

You will end up pushing the log as well.

Push them quite a ways in to the water, and then climb on the crate.

Climb on the log, and the jump from the log to the near by shore.

Notice the trap on the limb above me.