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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Walkthrough Virtuous Mission

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Head north to where you'll start.

Crawl underneath these logs to get to your pack that's on a tree branch.

Head to the tree. When you're in front of it, press Y (on Xbox) or Triangle (PS).

Then get on the branch and swing on it to grab the pack.

Head behind the tree to the swamp area.

Keep to the right to get to the next area.

When you get to the quick sand area, rool to get across.

Head straight to get to the next area.

There will be a guard right ahead of you so take him out.

Go ahead and take this next guard out.

Turn right to get to the next area.

Knock out this guard then head to the bridge.

Tranquilize the others on the other side of the bridge.

Then, hurry to the left before reinforcements come.

Take out the one in front of the building that's patroling the area.

Head inside the building after that.

Head to the right.

Take out the guard that'll be patroling the area.

Then, get up on the floor and get in the room on the right where Sokolov will be.

After the cutscene, backtrack to the bridge area.

Then, there will be another cutscene showing how Boss betrayed you and you fell off the bridge and got many injuries. go to the Pause menu to go to the CURE section to cure yourself. Read each items description to see if it's right for the injury.

That will be the end of the Virtuous Mission.