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Metro 2033 Walkthrough Chapter 3: Dry

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Firstly, before going anywhere else, turn back and get the AK. Also, dont forget to take extra ammo nearby (still in that area). +Take off your gas mask if you havent do so.

Before get out from this place, check the surrounding. It should be easy.

Once you get out, to the left there is a train. You can get few ammo or steal some military ammo (affect morale point). Else, just proceed here.

Through here. At the left side there is a path.

Careful and always watch out for TRAPS.

To do in stealh way, avoid enemies. The darkness is your friend. If not, just get up and start shooting. You can do that from start. Why do it now? XD

Go here.

Turn left and there is a enemy in the dark. Do what you like.

If you go through the path before, you'll find this boxes path. It brings you to near to the objective point.

After you go through the boxes path, an enemy will guard the way. Kill him first or you can just run...

Quickly go to the left and enter the room.

After the cut scene...

Follow Khan. He'll make your life easier. [End of subchapter]