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Metro 2033 Walkthrough Chapter 4: Front Line

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Now, you have to continue by walking.

Try not to make any problem here. Unless you already prepared for it.

There's a stair nearby. Go down there.

Keep going...

Watch out for hole.

Dont go up, more trouble there. Instead, clear this area. Should be easy.

But, wait for a moment until they start patroling.

It's up to you to end his life or not which will minus your morale points.

Continue through the pipes.


You're doing it right. Jump to the right at the end of path.

Watch out for traps.

Plan your step properly. Throwing knives should be effective here.

Dont rush to the tunnel. Quite many soldiers there. Watch their routine first.

Quickly move when you've chance without kill anyone. Also, always stays in the shadow.

Then, go near this stair.

Look around, you'll see another. Jump to it and lights off the lamp.

Silently moves...

Another ladder. Go up.

At the end, you can drop down at the ladder down there. It's quite safe compared to other place. Once down there, proceed to the tunnel besides it.

Keep moving...

Through this door.

Owhhh dang! [End of subchapter]