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Metro 2033 Walkthrough Chapter 4: Outpost

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Quickly after the game start, get out from the tunnel and turn right. Keep going.

Find this ladder and go up.

Don't forget to wear you gas mask.

Then, quickly go through the metal bar connected to the other side.

Dont drop! :D

Take extra supplies by killing them if you wants.

Then, just before the building, go through here. You can pass through this bushes.

Get on this tractor.

Here, dont enter through the window. Use the ladder to go up.

This is where you can complete the optional task from the captain.

Go down through here...

Take off the traps.

Down here...

You can easily slip through the guard. Not recommended to start shooting here. Try to be stealth as possible. Go through the left path.

Through this way.

Turn left, and try to find way to go up.

This is it. Dont rush, there are few enemies patrolling this area.

Then, go down again through here... If you blow your stealth, it should be ok since not many enemies here.

Through this hole to the next area.

If you make noise by shooting before, they will start to increase their guard. So try to avoid or kill them.

If you ready, then head out.

Dont shoot anyone. You can quickly pass this area easily by running...

Run at the left side. Try to take cover behind those vehicles.

Now, just go to the left path and enter the subway. Ignore that man.

This way... [End of subchapter]