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Metro 2033 Walkthrough Chapter 4: Child

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You'll travel with this kid in the chapter. Your movement also reduced due to you holding the kid at your back. Quite annoying but it doesnt long.

Keep moving...

This area where you should be more careful and act fast. Few nosalises will quickly attack you from the back. Their amount are enough to kill you for few minutes.

Dont wait and shoot. You'll waste your ammo. Move and shoot instead.

You should go this way.

Watch out for trap!

Again.. :)

Right way.

Again, dont waste too much ammo here. Move and shoot.

Careful, trap.

Through here.

Go go!

Now, go up until ...

You find them. That child's mother will give you some ammo. Dont accept if you want extra Morale points.

Here is your chance to buy some supplies and ammo.

Meet him and he will open the door for you.

[End of subchapter]