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Minecraft Walkthrough Victory.

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Don't forget to close the door, any more surprises and I'm six feet under.

Alright, back to the furnace. Cooked food is ready, and I've got a hunger that can swallow worlds!

Right-click with any food item to eat. Your hunger bar will replenish and once it's completely full, your health will regenerate. Woo!

Let's start bringing in the big guns. Using the same recipe for creating a Wooden sword, let's create a Stone sword instead, replacing the wood planks for Cobblestone.

Remember the formula for the Wood pickaxe? Try replacing the Wood Planks with Cobblestone for an awesome upgrade.

After surviving for so long, you're going to realize how cluttered your inventory is. Eventually, you'll run out of space. Unless you have enough wood to craft a Chest. Copy this formula for some more space.

Place all the things you can't build with or eat in your chest. You don't need those where you're going.

Let's start actually mining (it's been SO long!). Prepare a Stone Shovel with this formula so we can tear through the Dirt fast.