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Minecraft Walkthrough A SKELETON!

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Quick! To combat skeletons (and other monsters) equip whatever sword you have and Left click! They'll flash red on every successful hit. Using fists or building blocks to attack will not do much damage.

Do you see that green thing frowning at you? That is a 'Creeper' and will explode if you come close. You should stay as far away as possible from these silent,walking bombs.

Quick tip to escape: Jump and place any block (preferably dirt! wood planks/logs are valuable!) under you quickly to gain altitude. Using this method I can easily return to my house upon the hill.

It's morning. You've survived your first night. Skeletons and zombies will burn under the beautiful sun and will no longer be a threat. Creepers, on the other hand, will remain. Beware.

Using a crafting table (or your own crafting square in your Inventory screen) you can place Coal on top of Sticks to create Torches. These are light sources and do not burn out. Right click on any block to place a Torch

To the right of your Health bar (the hearts) will be what looks like drumsticks. By your second morning, they'll be depleting rapidly. If you cut down a few trees or animals, they'll drop some food items. Luckily, I had an apple and could replenish my Hunger bar.

Your home is complete and your stomach is full. Congratulations! Sadly, my luck ran out and it began to rain. This means that monsters can still spawn without burning from the sun. Uh-oh.