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Day One | Night One

When you arrive at your aunt's house, head up the stairs and turn left. Enter the first room on the northern wall to find the guest room.

You don't need to do anything here just leave after you entered, then head back downstairs to trigger the phone ring.

On the first floor head for the eastern wing and enter the last door on the upper right to get to the dining room.

Answer the phone which is near the wall clock, then head back out into the hallway.

Turn left and enter the very first door on the eastern hall near the potted plant. A cutscene will start, then leave the bathroom and attempt to go up the stairs to receive the very first key.

Now climb up the stairs and go inside the guest room. Interact with the bed to go to sleep and move on to the first night phase.

Miki will wake up thirsty. Head down to the first floor, then go to the east wing and enter the door right beside the door that leads to the dining room (second door from the right).

Inside the kitchen interact with the sink to start another cutscene, then leave the kitchen and head back to the second floor.

As you turn towards the west, the door on the easter wing on the second floor will fly open. Approach it and enter into the newly opened room.

Inside the room, examine the dark stain on the floor near the knocked over chair.

Then examine the bookshelf on the far right side. You must examine that bookshelf's right side to find a note. Now save your game and leave the room.

Attempt to enter the guest room and a monster will appear from the eastern wing. This is a chase scene, I'm sure you've noticed the numerous cabinets inside the house. Your job is to find the correct hiding place to stay in until morning. That monster will also chase you around the house.

Miki will attempt to escape into the bedroom, but that monster will follow you putting you in a tight spot. To flee from it, go around the table and out the door. Don't walk too fast though as the AI for the monster is pretty smart and will cut corners to get to you.

Once you're outside the guest room, head down to the first floor and enter the first door on the eastern wing to get to the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom head for the cabinet on the far right side and hide in there to stay safe until morning.

Day Two | Night Two

Come morning, leave the dining room and head to the western wing of the first floor. Open the door on the northwest of the hall.

Inside the room examine the safe near the window on the left side and enter the password "saeki" to open it and find a key inside.

Now leave the room and head up to the second floor then go to the west wing there and enter the southwestern door.

Examine the large dresser by the window to find another note which is actually a clue for the next key.

Head back down to the first floor and the phone will start ringing. Go to the dining room and pick it up, then exit the dining room and head for the last door on the very right of the hallway to get to the garden.

In the garden head down south and you'll find a patch of flowers that stick out like a sore thumb in the bare garden. Examine it and them out to find a key underneath.

Go back inside the house and climb up to the second floor, then turn left towards the western wing. Use the key on the door at the northwestern wall to enter the storage room.

Examine the right side of the cabinet at the far left corner of the room to find another key.

Leave the storage room and this time head for the easter wing of the second floor, then use the key on the door at the southwestern part of the hall.

Examine everything in the room, I'm not sure if it's required to do so but seems like I wasn't able to trigger the cutscene if I didn't. The computer is the important bit.

Exit the room and head back to the western wing on the second floor. The doorbell will ring as you pass the stairs. Head down and keep going south, interact with the door to answer it.

After Shinji leaves it will be night time and the phone will ring at night. Head down to the first floor and answer the phone in the dining room. Make sure to save your game first before answering it.

When the monster appears, turn left and run into the next room. Then exit through the southern door in that room.

Quickly run up to the second floor and head to the western wing. Enter the door on the southwest, where the dresses are.

Hide inside the cabinet beside the dresser with a large mirror near the window and you'll make it to the next day unharmed.

Day Three | Night Three

In the morning after the second ordeal. Leave the dining room and head up the second floor, then turn towards the east wing. Enter the southeast door on that wing.

Inside your uncle's office, turn right and examine the left side of the second bookshelf on the right side. It must be the left side or else you won't find the note.

Leave the office and head for the western wing and enter the room where you hid in on the previous night, then examine the pink dress to find a key.

Now head downstairs and go to the western wing on the first floor. Enter the only door on the southern wall in that wing.

There's a piano inside the room. Play the piano to find the next key. What is it with horror games and pianos, seems like monsters love to target people who know how to play the piano.

Leave the piano room and the doorbell will ring again. Head down to the door and answer it to speak with Shinji again.

Miki decides to stay awake and try to catch whatever it is while it's entering the house. As per her request you need to walk around the house until you hear the piano playing.

When you hear the piano start playing head down to the piano room and save your game before entering.

Examine the piano and mash the Z button as soon as something grabs your leg.

After successfully getting that thing off of you, head around the sofa to confuse it enough for you to exit through the door.

Run up to the second floor and towards the eastern wing, then go to the southeastern door which leads to your uncle's office.

Inside the office go all the way down south and enter the last cabinet on the left side to make it through another night.

Day Four | Night Four

When morning comes, head downstairs and use the telephone to call your mother. Of course she's an annoying woman and will refuse your plead.

After getting refused by your heartless mother, head up to the second floor and to the west wing. Enter the southeastern door on that wing.

Examine the trash bin inside the room to find a crumpled paper with another riddle written on it.

Leave the nursery and head to the eastern wing on the second floor, then enter your uncle's office and interact with the lampshade and turn it on.

Then turn off the light switch beside the door and make your way to the lampshade to find the next key.

Leave your uncle's office and head back to the western wing on the second floor once again. Use the key that you found on the northeastern door on the west wing.

Examine the nightstand on the left side of the bed to find another piece of paper with a riddle on it. Now go down to the first floor and out the garden.

In the garden to the upper right you'll find a well. Interact with it to find another key, but you will unfortunately fall down the bottom of it.

At the bottom of the well, interact with the wall on the north side to trigger a cutscene and open a hole in the well wall.

Proceed inside the insanely long maze inside the well. The monster will be right behind you the entire time, but for some reason it's a lot slower in this area than in the house so just keep going and you'll be fine.

Shinji will come to your rescue and he will also ask you to stay in his house for the moment. In his house, interact with his bed to go to sleep.

After waking up and finding yourself back in the haunted house. Go down to the first floor and head straight for the door. The monster will block your passage and you'll have to hide.

Turn right towards the first floor's eastern wing, then enter the only door on the southern wall in that wing.

Inside you'll find yourself in a tatami room. Turn right and hide inside the small sliding wall to stay safe until morning.

Day Five | Final Night

After waking up in the morning Miki will remember the key she found at the well. Leave the tatami room and head for the stairs, use the key to open the door beside the stairs.

Climb down the stairs and attempt to go inside the basement. Miki will complain about it being to dark for her to proceed inside.

That's your cue to go back upstairs and examine the drawers on the left side of the door that leads to the second floor toilet. Yiou'll find a flashlight inside.

Go back to the basement now and you'll be able to enter. Head for the far right corner of the basement to the north. You'll find a red scribble on the wall, examine it.

Now go back up to the second floor and into your aunt's study room. Input the numbers that you found on the wall into the PC to find your aunt's diary.

Leave the study and head for the stairs. The doorbell will ring again, go there and open the door to have a little chat with Shinji.

At this point you'll have a choice as to either believe the monster is real or call it a delusion. Choosing to believe in the monster will make the game a little longer. If you choose to say that it's a delusion, then just head back to the computer and the game will end.

but if like me you chose to believe it's real, then head back inside the house and the phone will ring. Answer it to find that it's your crazy mother calling you.

At night head out your bedroom and towards the door that flung open on the first night. Save your game before entering.

Get away from the monster and run down to the first floor and enter the basement. Once there the final cutscene will start marking the end of your closet sleeping habits. Choosing to believe in the monster will give you the good ending, you can retry the last chapter to see the alternate bad ending.