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Paranoiac Walkthrough Day Three | Night Three

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In the morning after the second ordeal. Leave the dining room and head up the second floor, then turn towards the east wing. Enter the southeast door on that wing.

Inside your uncle's office, turn right and examine the left side of the second bookshelf on the right side. It must be the left side or else you won't find the note.

Leave the office and head for the western wing and enter the room where you hid in on the previous night, then examine the pink dress to find a key.

Now head downstairs and go to the western wing on the first floor. Enter the only door on the southern wall in that wing.

There's a piano inside the room. Play the piano to find the next key. What is it with horror games and pianos, seems like monsters love to target people who know how to play the piano.

Leave the piano room and the doorbell will ring again. Head down to the door and answer it to speak with Shinji again.

Miki decides to stay awake and try to catch whatever it is while it's entering the house. As per her request you need to walk around the house until you hear the piano playing.

When you hear the piano start playing head down to the piano room and save your game before entering.

Examine the piano and mash the Z button as soon as something grabs your leg.

After successfully getting that thing off of you, head around the sofa to confuse it enough for you to exit through the door.

Run up to the second floor and towards the eastern wing, then go to the southeastern door which leads to your uncle's office.

Inside the office go all the way down south and enter the last cabinet on the left side to make it through another night.