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Pokemon Yellow (With Glitch) Walkthrough Reboot

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Now, just load your game in.

Since you've done the glitch, you have all 255 Pokemon in your party...

Now switch any of the nine Pokemon with the 10th one. This will glitch the item inventory.

Then, head to your item tab.

Switch item #11 with the ninth one. then this will happen.

Then toss 68 of the item below "Great Ball".

Now head out and...

You'll be in the Hall of Fame!

Professor Oak will tell you all the stuff he says when you get to this area after defeating the Final Four. It's as if it happened.

Boom. 0:00 time and it says you've seen all the Pokemon and owned them.

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed doing this glitch to beat this game and I hope this walkthrough helped!