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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Walkthrough 23: Solomon's Hall

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Clear this area from enemies.

After the fight, find a memory part like this and recall it. Freeze the water and go up. This time, you've to use flight power several times.

Again, kill all enemies here.

After the fight, recall on of these wall. Then, do wall run up here. Next ...

Jump and use recall power.

Find these columns and keep going to the switch.

Turn the lever to 12 o'clock and step on the switch.

If you step out from the switch, the door will close. So, use freeze power and quickly go to the door using the path you came. You've to be really quick before the power runs out.

Fast, just jump towards the door.

The new sword is soo awesome and strong too. No more hard time fighting enemies.

Keep going...

It's time to test the sword's power.

Up here...

More enemies.

Recall the part and continue to the column.

Just go down there and .... fight more sand demons. :D [END OF CHAPTER]