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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Walkthrough 26: The Final Climb

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Firstly, activate the switch in the middle. The water will starts to flow.

Go here, freeze the water and jump wall-to-wall till reach...

Here.. Then, continue. *You've to use freeze-unfreeze technique.

Again, the same thing like before. You need to do few jumps and then jump to the water pole.

Keep going... :)

This time, be quick.

Now, the real challange... You've to do this quickly due to limited energy.

Do few jumps for the first two part.

Using the technique before, do for the second time.

Continue for next.

If you reached here, then grab the nearby column there.

Keep going...

Activate the switch and do the same thing again...

Do it one by one. It gonna be hard at first but dont worry you can make it.

Now proceed to the next area.

Keep going...

This time, wall run up. If you do jump wall-to-wall, you gonna stuck there forever.

Oh keep going... I know you like it. :P

After the cutscene and everything, clear the enemies here and...

You'll see a bird over there. Just use flight power to get 'em.

And repeat the same like before.

Careful when sliding. There's always bird nearby that can used.

Finally the boss. All you have to do is keep dodging and attack the medallion.

Be careful, his attack quite powerful. Always avoid that.

Tips: To easily beat the boss, use the stone skin power. So that you dont have to worry about evading his attacks. Just focus on attacking the medallion.

For the last hit, he will back a little. Chase him using the birds.

Do the final blow! Congratulations... You've beat the game! Enjoy the end scene. Thank you for using this guide. [END OF GAME]