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Project IGI 1 Walkthrough Mission 3 - Military Airbase

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Move forward.

Kill your first enemy.

Kill both enemy and take AK47.

Go downward to this location.

Be carefull.

Kill both enemy on gate but their two more enemy.

kill two other enemy.

Open gate and enter.

Kill them.

Get out from this location and

Kill Him.

Kill otherone also.

Go up to tower.

Pickup dragnav and

Kill mostly located enemy.

Shoot camera also.

Move to this direction.

Kill third of them.

Go in this house.

Kill all in house.

Go to this way.

Kill enemy.

Get medipack from this room.

Go near the third cell and go back to main gate.

Kill both in this house.

Go toward this location.

Kill all enemy.

If you alert them you need to kill more enemy.

Pickup medipack and open gate.

Open gate.

Get into this house.

kill all of them in inner compound.

Use lift to go up.

When you come up you need to kill two enemy.

Operate computer.

Go near the fueled jet.

Mission complete.