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Project Zomboid Walkthrough Combat & Zombie Interaction

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Zombies are restricted to grabs, bites and scratches. Grabs slow you down and make you vulnerable to damage while bites and scratches have high chances of not only inflicting you with the zombie virus but also doing serious bodily harm to you.

In this game, I got blunted by a zombie's grab and I received slight damage as seen in the status screen.

As you club, slam and smash zombies, It will generate some noise.. Which can be devastating as It can attract even more zombies. Here you can see me fighting off some stragglers chasing me and more zombies are starting to accumulate. It's best to deal with this hands-on and at your own pace to avoid being overwhelmed.

Zombies also wander around. Here you can see a zombie, standing right outside the house we spawned in. Keeping your place zombie-clean on the outside is absolutely essential. Let them hang around too long and they'll start to decide to bash up against the door or window, causing noise and prompting more zombies to come over.

Avoiding any melee-swings from windows is also a good idea since It will break them if they get hit.

Another overlooked but very important detail is to keep window curtains closed. Zombies WILL see you wandering around inside and get very encouraged to try to break in. Prevent this by closing any and all curtains in the house you're staying in.

Soon, night will fall and your character will start to have some needs for the first time. These usually involve things such as thirst and hunger. For thirst, simply drink out of any water-source. Taps are recommended but bathrooms and even toilets can be ussed.

Along with food and hunger comes drowsiness. Your character is getting tired and needs to get some shut-eye. But before that, you really need to make sure there are NO zombies around. They WILL kill you in their sleep if given the chance. So grab a couple of sheets and go to the windows where there are no curtains.