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Welcome to Portforward's guide of Project Zomboid! In this guide, I'll be going through on how you can survive for as long as possible in the zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world of Project Zomboid using average-day items before evidently being overrun. Start out by clicking "Survival" and choose your map.

After that, you get to customize a character.

When done with the visuals, you'll also be asked to enter traits for your character along with his previous profession. This screen is fairly important as It dictates what general playing-style you'll be having in the game.

For this guide, we'll be taking the "Construction" background. It gives us a very handy and exclusive ability called "Thick Skin". It is a trait that greatly increases your chances of avoiding the zombie infection by making you less prone to get fatal "Scratches" or "Bites" when in contact with zombies.:

Feel free to look and take other jobs though, as they all have their perks, like the Park Ranger's increased ability to navigate faster than everyone else and through things such as rain.

To further secure our goal of surviving this world, we'll also be taking the traits "Resilient" that complements our existing "Thick-skinned" perk to make us even harder to zombify and "Strong", which helps us carry more items such as food and supplies while also having a much easier time to knock and push zombies away.

This does however mean, that you need to choose some "Bad" traits as well to even out things. There will be a green 0 at the top when your character is balanced enough to start the game.