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Project Zomboid Walkthrough Crafting & Cooking & Building

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Project Zomboid also has a fairly deep but straight forward building/crafting system. In this case, we grabbed a bed-sheet and folded it over a window, making an improvised curtain that can be closed and opened at will.

Finding a safe place, closing all the doors and windows and then finally getting your character some rest during the night is very important. Not only because you don't want to fall asleep while fighting zombies but because having the right routines to take the daylight to your advantage is vital. Being out at night is almost a death sentence for a beginner. Zombies get extra curious and you are almost completely blind. Avoiding it whenever possible is the way to go.

Sleep in Project Zomboid is basically a forwarding of time. Your character will go on as usual, developing needs during in his sleep even. Listening very carefully for doors beng knocked on is also important as It means someone is trying to get to you.

Your first morning will hopefully however, come without much trouble and so begins a new dawn.

Grown hungry overnight, you'll need to feed your character something or he will get some pretty serious strength & healing debuffs followed by starvation death. As noted before, consuming fridge food first is essential and generally, you want to eat things "Smart. In this case, I have a watermelon. But as It is very hard and the good stuff is inside, I can "Bash" it to get some messy chunks of watermelon meat to eat. A bad Idea since a better yield can be gotten from cutting it with a kitchen knife, which I don't have right now.

Instead of crushing my watermelon, I instead venture to the fridge to find some preserved meat lying around. These should almost always be eaten first as they spoil very easily.. But they need to be cooked first.

To cook things, place them onto a stove or a camp fire like this..

And then rightclick the stove to get an option to "Turn it On". This is a very important thing to manage because If food or other items are left overcooked, it will cause a fire and burn the entire house down.

As I don't know when the power will go out, I went ahead and grabbed the Salmon from the fridge as well to cook. All foods take different times to "Heat up" enough before being "Cooked" and should be carefully managed.

In this case, the meat patty got cooked first and thus, I grabbed it quickly to avoid overcooking and fires.

The salmon took much longer to warm up but eventually got made as well.

After that, you REALLY need to turn off the stove, the quicker the better.

Then you can enjoy your cooked meal. Properly prepared foods are much better for you, both giving more calories/nutritions and making you less bored/unhappy due to flavors.

Next up is crafting. It's very simple and only reqires you to have a hammer in your inventory for a huge Crafting menu to open up when you rightclick empty space. Here you can make anything from a fancy drinking bar..

To improvised pillars on lamps..

To wooden storage crates to store items in.

They require Nails and Planks, however. Both can be found fairly frequently in warehouses and storage-shreds.. But the real challenge is to find a Fire-axe to chop down trees with. And while you can chop down trees with most other melee weapons, It takes a very long time. But once you have a tree felt, you can pick up wooden logs and turn them into planks by using a saw, also found in Storage shreds/workshops.

And yet again, remember to be very wary when searching places. Peak through the windows and you might just get a glint of what awaits inside.