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Project Zomboid Walkthrough New features, Healing and End Notes

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Project Zomboid is a constantly expanding game currently in Alpha with various things changing every other week. Here, for example, we have a "Crawling" zombie. They move very slowly, however, they can be hidden to the naked eye when they are in high enough grass..

And they can be very tricky to deal with using melee weapons since you need to strike downwards and they are never stunned.

In this case, I killed the crawler but got my leg scratched as a result.

Luckily, I have bandages from earlier..

And I could treat my injury. However, as the zombie penetrated my skin, I could just have been infected with the zombie virus and I won't know until much later, if and when my character starts to feel sick. Scratches have about a 3-5% chance of infections while bites can be as much as 85%. Luckily however, this time I did not become infected due to me having the Resilience and Thick-Skinned traits.

If you end up being seriously injured, eating food and taking a nap is usually the way to go.

And as with most other things in this game, they require certain conditions to be met for things to happen. For example, here we have some unopened canned soup.

Rightclicking said can of soup while having a can-opener in our inventory will result in an option to open the canned soup.

This can also be done with things such as a fireaxe ro a kitchen knife instead but you might spill some of the contents while doing so.

If you are getting really desperate for food after some time, you can resort to some rather desperate measures. For example, here I found a dead rat in the drawer. It can be either eaten raw and make you incredibly sick to stave off starvation for a bit or cooked, for some emergency supply of meat. Understandably, this will make your character unhappy.

And If you are not a park-ranger, having a bath towel is usually a good idea since you can get soaked in the rain when outside and get sick real easily. They are like most other things, disposable items that get "Wet" after one use and has to be thrown away.

When extremely bored, the combining a sheet of paper and a pen can allow your chararcter to "Scribble", dramatically reducing boredom.

The inventory system in this game can be significantly tricky sometimes. Here, you see me standing infront of an oven and placing a Meat Patty into an proximity inventory that has an oven symbol on it. But If you look at my character's angle, he is actually looking at the microwave infront of him instead of the oven at his feet, resulting in the meat patty being placed in the microwave and not being cooked since microwaves can only cook popcorn and TV dinners.

Stoves can be purposely turned on with items in them to cause intentional house-fires. This can be a very useful tool to devastate a large number of zombies.

The world of Zomboid is a rather huge and terrifying place. Next to all of the population are zombies and once enough time has passed, zombies will migrate from other towns to here.

Take advantage of any and all light sources whenever you can. Even at day, they help you detect zombies.

Be very wary of traveling in high grass or other vegetated areas. Zombies are almost always prone to lurking around in them.

If you are planning to be a bit of a home-staying survivor, gathering any and all books, newspaper, magazines, pens and papers is essential to stave off the boredom you'll accumilate.

Don't be too prone to haul around on skill books. They only do you good If you are one level below the current. Meaning, a level 5 book of carpentry will only be useful to you if you are a level 4 carpenter.

Chocolate, chips, cereals, soup, lollipops, candycanes, TV dinners, tuna, canned beans, dry ramen noodles, popcorn, peanut butter and dog food are all non-perishable items and should be extremely valued If you are to survive for any serious lengths of time.

Lighters, flashlights, candles and matches are pretty much your only sources of light besides the sun and the waning electricity apparatuses that will expire. Stacking up on these are not a bad idea.

Project Zomboid features a dynamic seasons system. You start out in a frilly summer time.. But eventually winter will come. And it will be harsh. Any socks and extra clothing/sweaters you find should be kept tabs on not only for bandages but for improvised weapons and heat.

Zombies can be looted when killed. And although they almost only drop clothes, some certain minor good items can be found like certain weapons and even nails. Evidently after a very long time, you will run out of nails and zombies will be the only place you'll be able to find some more.

Don't be afraid to exit the game and pick it up at another time. The game saves your exact location and the events that's occuring on a convenient save-file.

You will, however, have this blue haze lying on about for a while when getting back in as the game loads.

An essential construct to have when the waterworks shut down are rain collector barrels. They require garbage bags, planks, nails and for you to know a bit of carpentry. When it rains, they will be filled with water in which you can drink from.

You are also playing in a TOWN. And this means there will be several "specific" buildings, such as medical clinics..

That often house a whole bunch of drugs and other medical supplies..

Bars and quickie-marts that are often stocked with food & preserved drinks..

Lumber-mills and forest shacks that usually have things like saws and fire-axes.. They are however, often surrounded with zeds.

There's even houses like banks and insurance firms that can have anything from guns to pens in them.

After playing this game a while, you'll start to grasp some very overlooked fundamentals. Like how these garbage cans can be destroyed and have garbage bags drop, essential for building a long-term water income.

But evidently, surviving in this game comes down to careful tactics, knowing the game elements and luck so that concludes our tutorial. Best of luck to you in the zombie apocalypse and remember, slow and steady wins the race!