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Quantum Conundrum Walkthrough Flipping Out

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First one You turn on Gravity and jump over.

Then Turn Off Gravity and jump over the two.

Then jump and Turn on Gravity with the first one and Off with the next one..

Then jump to the belts and turn on slow and walk to the stable floor.

Take a safe and hold it over the edge and Turn on Slow, Then jump on the safe.

G-Ride the safe to the top and jump over.

Now Turn on Gravity and jump over.

Then Jump and Turn off gravity.

Then Jump and Turn on Gravity.

Turn on Gravity and jump over.

Then jump and turn on Slow.

Jump and turn on Gravity.

Put The safe on the scale.

Then Turn on Gravity and let it go up just before the ledge Turn off Gravity and then when it goes over turn on again.

Then run through the door and turn off Gravity.

Then go to the next room.