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Red Faction: Guerrilla Walkthrough Welcome to Mars

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When your brother will end his speech run downstairs and take all scrap that you will find near the car . Then you have to find a way to enter the base. Use your hammer on the wall to do that .

You have two main objectives here. The first one is laboratory , where you can use remote explosives. The second one is tower. To destroy the building you have to go inside and deploy the bomb on the wall. Then exit the building and detonate explosives. When the construction will be destroyed you have to take care of the tower ..

This will be a simple task - couple of attacks with a hammer will be enough. You have to notice that some pieces of the building may fall on your character. Simply run away in the proper time.

Remember about collecting the scrap that you can find near the construction .

Your training mission will be over when you will return to your brother .