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Saints Row IV Walkthrough 04 - King of the Dance

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Once Ben drop you on the roof, kill the Vice Kings then attack the Virus Carrier. Approach her to absorb the virus.

Follow Ben to the next location. Destroy the enemies' car using the rocket launcher or just sprint and keep hitting the car.

Absorb the virus, then follow Ben to the third location. Repeat the process.

Go to Technically Legal to sign up for amateur strip night.

Follow the on-screen prompts.

Afterwards, head to the roof, Chase after Tanya by hop from rooftops to rooftops until she eventually stop on one of them.

Use Freeze Blast to disable her shield. Shoot her until she'll start running again. Keep going after her until she stops.

Fight her. When she drops to the ground, approach her and press E to throw her in the park. Inspect the body to end the mission.