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Saints Row IV Walkthrough 05 - Training Day (Asha)

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Drive the star-marked car and make your way to the first stop.

Follow Asha's VIP into the store. Inside, there's a biker that looks suspicious. You can decide whether to kill him or not, but he's no threat.

Head to the second stop, up to the rooftop. You'll be given a sniper rifle, for killing the snipers that will start showing up.

Now, get in the car. Drive to the third stop. Stand guard by eliminating the enemies while waiting for the rescue vehicle.

Your car will be blown up, quickly revive your homie. Get in the rescue car. Pick up both Asha and her VIP, then head to the final stop.

This is where you'll meet your opponent Professor Genki. After you start shooting, he'll acquire super powers, rendering himself invulnerable to your attacks. Defend yourself until Matt gives you your super powers back. Finish him off.