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Saints Row: The Third Walkthrough 28 - STAG Party

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Go to the Saints' HQ.

Drive to PR Center.

Once there, throw molotov to the banner hanging over here. And repeat for the second one.

Go back to the HQ.

Defend the building from the STAG.

At certain time, you have to help Viola. Dont let her die.

Then, take the RPG nearby and blow the tanks.

Pierce will come and you have to kill nearby enemies. Then, go down and save him from them. If you've to use tank, than steal it and use to destroy them.

After you saved Pierce, you'll get one awesome weapon. Use it to clear the area.

Change to RPG and destroy VTOLS. You can use the new weapon but sometimes the attacks miss.

Lastly, you need to decide to who you want to give Josh. I recommend keep Josh and let the mission end. [END]