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Saints Row: The Third Walkthrough Ending 2 - Save Shaundi

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Go to the mission location.

Take nearby boat and go to the statue.

Then head to the status entrance.

Blow the explosive using the Sonic Boom.

Continue until all 8 destroyed. After that, go to the top.

Now, take the jar. Change your grenade type to jar.

Throw the jar at her and shoot her without any mercy. Repeat until she die.

Suddenly, you're in Mars.

Disable the forcefields nearby.

Save your friend. But, you cant. :P

Before going to the next checkpoint, take this vehicle for faster travelling.

Again, do the same like before until all your follower died.

Then, proceed to the next place.

Plant the explosives.

And go to the front door of Killbane's Lair.

To defeat Killbane, just run and...

When he near the Lava Crystals, shoot it.

Only that way Killbane can get hurt.

If he fell down, do melee attack.

Repeat several times until end.

Finally, you defeated Killbane. [GAME OVER]