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Scribblenauts Walkthrough Metaforest

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Give the girl a can of bugspray.

Create bed for the campers.

Spawn a pig for the cheff.

Here u can help the hippie or lumberjack. For the hippie u can just kill the jumberjack. To get the point from the lumberjack give him an axe. U will have to reset the level to help them both.

Spawn a bee to polenate the tree.

Give the girl a camera.

U can give yourself wings here and go get the kids kite. The kite in the top right corner.

Give a hammer to the kids so they can finish the treehouse.

Spawn a baby for the wolfs.

Give the camper an axe.

Give him a bottle of water.

Give him bandages.

Give him goggles.

Give him a rifle.