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Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough Bride To Be

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"Take Winston's fiancée and take her to the shop she wants. Drive very carefully to don't make her angry.

Being on the car, move Shen to the door on the right. Every now and then he'll lose the balance, but it's enough to press triangle to recover it.

When you get behind the wheel, take the cake to the garage and continue a ride with Winston's wife.

This time, she'll ask for the black orchid from the temple's gardens.

After getting there, climb on the green fence and Fast Talk to the next monks (triangle) find a beautiful flower.

As you pick it up, monks discover your disguise. You can fight them or quickly escape the temple and enter the car.

A moment later police will start chasing you. Lose the single police car and drive Winston's wife where she wants to. The mission ends.