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Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough Hotshot Lead 4 - Hotshot

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"After short talk with Ace go to the middle of the triangle shown on the phone.

Now you have to track the signal of the phone you're looking for. Pressing square changes antenna, which shows up few persons. Your task is to point out the one common person for all antennas. It's the one in the left upper corner. Aim it and press X.

When you do so, you'll have a limited time to get on the crash scene.

You find an Ace's girl on the beach, nearby the burning wreck. She'll tell you what happened.

Return to the stairs, take a picture of the burning car and call Teng.

Next, send a SMS to Hotshot for the next race.

As he answers, steal the car nearby and meet with him.

At the beginning of the race to be close to the Hotshot. You have to follow him until you see a police blockade. Then you get a command to immobilize enemy's vehicle. To so by pressing the square.

When you end, all you need is run away from the police.