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Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough Popstar Lead 2 - Arrested Supplier

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"After small phone talk with officer Teng, you'll be send on the square, where you'll fight a group of bandits.

"To guess it, you have to put numbers and check if it is valid. If the particular number is in the code and you place it properly, it gets green. Number from the code, but in the wrong place, is yellow. Helpful is a fact, that the numbers don't repeat in the code. The best way to guess the code is to put all numbers in the order. If the yellow one appears, put it in the other place, simultaneously deleting the invalid ones and replacing them with the next ones. The same with the greens. You have six attempts, what should be enough while using this method.

When you finish, go back to your apartment and check your TV. It's used to look through all hacked cameras.

At the beginning choose the North Point quarter and the only one available shot. You'll see a man with the case.

You have to wait until he gives away his stuff aim him and press X. That's how you arrest him.

Call to Teng and finish the mission.