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Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough Club Bam Bam

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"Go to the Winston's restaurant, where you get a quest to intimidate an owner of Bam Bam.

Your next goal is a karaoke room on the other side of the club. The bouncer will say that you need a hostess to get inside.

You can find a woman dancing. Take her and use the karaoke machine. You have to sing the only available song "I fought the law" by "The Clash".

To do so, move the left control of the gamepad, so the cursors aim on the appearing rectangles When you release the control, cursors returns to the middle. You'll unlock next songs with your progress.

When you finish singing, go upstairs and talk to Benny. A moment later you'll be attacked.

During the fight one of thugs will hold you from the back and grapple. Kick the enemy in front of you and get free by pressing the triangle quickly.

Another enemies are waiting in the bathroom and on the ground floor.

After defeating them the mission ends.