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Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough Listening In

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"After not pleasant conversation with Winston return to the electronic shop and receive the bag with wire-tapping.

When you run him to the dead-end, the fight begins. Defeat him, take the bag and call Raymond.

You have to go to the Winston's restaurant and climb on the building's roof. Green material and light will show you the way.

You have to open the bars by pressing the triangle and put the wire-tapping in the shown place. To do so, you have to unscrew two screws (rotating the left control in the right) and then calibrate two signals. Individually first, then both at once.

Rotate the controls so the circles' frames become green and the bars fill up.

When you finish, screw the screws (rotating the control in the left) and open door outside. You have to move the flaps to change on green and then quickly move the lock-pick on the left. You have a limited time for all it so hurry. When you're done, leave the restaurant and end the mission.