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Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough Popstar Lead 1 - Identified Supplier

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"To continue a main story, go to the blue marked place. A young officer needs your help in one investigation. Most of her missions isn't obligatory, but sometimes you have to complete them to move on as an agent. Detailed description of every case you can find in the part of the guide dedicated to them.

Talk with him and go to the gangster called Popstar. He agrees to sell you drugs, but you have to do him a small favor.

Go to the nearest shop and beat up his two debtors.

Return to Popstar and buy drugs. A moment later police will arrive. To run from the officer who starts handcuffing you, press quickly X. You'll handcuff him and be able to run away.

Go to the closest car and destroy following you police cars.

When you end, return to Ming and end the mission.