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SpeedRunners Walkthrough Level Tips

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Alley tip 1: Try swinging about here to swing up into a shorter path than the main one. Be careful though, if someone hits the switch on the main path, your shortcut will be blocked off.

Alley tip 2: Instead of landing on the ground and taking this corner slow, use your Grappling Hook to instantly swing you the correct way with no speed loss.

SS Royale tip 1: The bottom path here is slightly faster, but if someone hits the switch on the top path, you'll be forced to take the long and slow way out.

SS Royale tip 2: Do a really small swing here to fling yourself up to the top of the platform above, which will load your up with full boost and an item!

SS Royale tip 3: Using this Grapple roof correctly will fling you up this walljump chute with a ton of speed, but doing it wrong may cost you some speed.

SS Royale tip 4: Take the upper route and then jump into the wall at the top left. You'll fall down completely straight, letting you have a good shot at grappling this roof for a really fast turn.

Warehouse tip 1: Be sure to jump over these spikes, depending on what mode you play these will either stun you for a massive chunk of time, or instantly kill you! If you want to be a massive prick, try pulling an enemy into them with a Golden hook.

Warehouse tip 2: Learn how to use the two grapple roofs here to take this final corner really quickly. Using the Walljumps is considerably slower.

Warehouse tip 3: If you have enough of a lead, try swinging into this side route, you'll be launched out quickly into an alternate route. Be careful though, as if you're not quick enough taking it, other players taking the main route can push you off camera.

Plaza tip 1: If you take the grappling route at the start properly enough, you can easily get up to this roof which is loaded with boosts, but at bare minimum try to dodge the spikes on the ground.

Plaza tip 2: These final corners are a common theme. Learn the timing to swing yourself around flawlessly without touching the walls for the most speed.

Nightclub tip 1: The beginning of this track is littered with props to trip over and hit your head on, try to memorize the pattern to have a better chance of dodging through them.

Nightclub tip 2: The inside of the Nightclub is littered with tons of grappling roofs, your swinging skills will be rewarded with insane speed if you can master a route through it.

Theme Park tip 1: Be careful taking this underpath, make it out safe and you'll get an item, but if you screw up your swing you'll fall out of the map and die instantly.

Theme Park tip 2: This area is the perfect area to screw over other players with a good item, and using a golden hook on someone already flung out will practically confirm their death, but be careful that you don't fall victim to a terrible trap yourself.

Powerplant tip 1: Be careful around the lasers in this map, as they'll knock out the ill-timed and greedy just the same as spikes do. On ranked mode, they'll instantly kill you just like spikes too!

Powerplant tip 2: If you're all stocked up on Boost and an Item, jump right down the middle of this corner and use the grapple to shoot out with a ton of speed as others clumsily stumble trying to get stocked up.

Factory tip 1: There are a lot of tunnels with switches that block off a path after the first person uses it. Be sure to be in the correct place to take the tunnel you want.

Zoo tip 1: Learn the best way to swing up through these part, as you'll completely overtake anyone who needs to use the walljump to get up.

Library tip 1: This map has a similar area to the last one in Zoo, but this time going down. Use the same quick turn technique from Alley here to zig zag down at incredible speeds.

Silo tip 1: The route you take at the end of the lap ill force you into different side by side areas of the beginning third of the track. Be sure to pick the one you're better at.