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Welcome to Speedrunners! This game is basically a racing game mixed with a platformer. Let's start with the tutorial.

Press A to jump over obstacles that would otherwise trip you up and slow you down, and press Y to slide underneath small gaps without slowing down.

Running through this Blue Strip will charge you up with some limited Boost. Spend that boost by holding down the Right Trigger to get a boost of speed.

Running into these Blue Boxes will give you a weapon to use for your benefit against the other racers. These will be explain in a bit.

While you're under a ceiling with a white lining, you can hold X to shoot a grappling hook and swing from it. Swinging can not only provide maneuverability not previously available, but can be used to gain great speed.

When pressed up against a wall with a white checker pattern, you can press the jump button to kick off it in a wall jump.