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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Walkthrough 3.2 Windfall Side Quests

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There are plenty of optional goodies here on Windfall Island. One of them is over at Salvatore's Sinking Ships mini-game. Salvatore is located at the top portion of the island, where there are four young children running around. His doorway has two pillars in front of it, along with a white concrete base. Enter through the door and speak with Salvatore, the man leaning on the counter.

He'll ask you if you want to play a game for 10 rupees. Tell him yes and he'll give you a neat little intro to the game.

If you can beat the game with 24 cannonballs or less he'll give you a Piece of Heart. If you beat it a second time he'll give you Treasure Chart #7, and, if you're good enough to beat the record of 20 bombs, he'll give you 50 rupees and Treasure Chart #23.

If you run out of rupees, there are several small jars around Windfall that you can break for some extra rupees. Once you're finished with Salvatore's mini-game, head back outside.

One of the other optional quests here at Windfall Island involves acquiring the Deluxe Picto Box. We first want to enter Lenzo's Picto Box shop, located near the top of Windfall Island. It can be found in the area with the four young children, near Salvatore's mini-game. Just above the doorway there is a picture of a Picto Box.

Inside, speak with Lenzo, the owner of the shop and he'll tell you that you are in possession of a very fine Picto Box and tells you to have a look around.

Head up the stairs and you'll find yourself in an art gallery. Lenzo comes up the stairs behind you and tells you to have a look at all the pictographs hanging on the walls.

Take a look at all the pictographs and then speak with Lenzo again.

Leave the building and then go right back in the Pictograph place, where Lenzo should now be standing behind the counter. Speak with him and he'll ask if you want to be his research assistant. He tells you that being his assistant will be a challenge, and asks if you're up to it. Tell him yes and he'll tell you that he will give you three commands to complete this task.

"For Lenzo's first command, he wants a picture of a hopeless romantic sending a letter. The man's name is Garrickson. Go outside and head down to the docks. You should see a red postbox near the docks. Stand on the other side of the bush near the archway and get out the Picto Box.

Zoom in on the post box and take a picture of Garrickson putting a letter into the postbox. You need to include his whole body and get the picture while the letter is in his hand.

With the first picture successfully taken, return to Lenzo and show it to him. He'll take the pictograph, and if you talk with him again he'll give you your second task: finding the most cowardly resident in town.

"Go back to Zunari's shop, the place where you bought your sail, and head up the stairway next to it. Enter the cafe and head up the stairs to find the only customer: Gossack.

Gossack will begin to shake, so quickly get out the Picto Box and take his picture. Once this has been accomplished, return to Lenzo and give the pictograph to him.

"Lenzo will give you the third task: to find a couple that secretly like each other, but have never spoken. For this pictograph, you will be getting a picture of Anton and Linda looking at each other.

When Anton strolls up and they both look at each other, take the picture. Take this picture to Lenzo and he'll give you a Joy Pendant.

That's all we can do with Lenzo right now, but we can immediately put our Deluxe Picto Box to use. Walk back to the mailbox and then walk through the archway. Link will see a women on the right wearing an orange shirt. Use the Deluxe Picto Box to snap a photograph of her.

After taking the picture, walk up to her and show her the picture. She'll thank you for taking her photograph and will reward you with Treasure Chart #33.

"there is still one more thing we can do on Windfall. Go outside and you should see a group of four children running around outside. This group of troublemakers is known as the Killer Bees.

Head inside the building with a green chalkboard outside and speak with Miss Marie.

Talk with her and she'll tell you she's never seen your face before. Talk to her again and tell her that you need to talk. She tells you that the Killer Bees have been giving her problems and asks you to talk with Ivan. Tell her yes and head back outside.

Speak with Ivan again and he'll ask you if you've got a problem with the Killer Bees. He then asks you if you want to challenge him. Agree and they'll run off, telling you to catch them.

an, the first child, can be found behind some bushes outside the archway across from where Linda is standing. After you find her, she will run away from you.

"You will need to run after her and tag her to stop her. To make this faster and easier, you can roll across the ground to gain speed.

he Leader Ivan can be found on top of a tree near the docks. Roll into the tree to knock him down, then catch him as well. Jun-Roberto can be found behind the gravestone near Tingle's jail cell.

The fourth child Jin can be found behind the Bomb Shop at the docks. Walk around the left side of the building and sidle across the ledge to reach him

Ivan will then give you a Piece of Heart after you catch all four of them and make you an honorary Killer Bee. He also asks you to apologize to Miss Marie for them.

Head back inside the school building and speak with Miss Marie. She gives you a purple rupee in return for setting the Killer Bees straight. Before you leave, you can roll into the tree in front of the Bomb Shop for an extra Joy Pendant.