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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Walkthrough 2.1 Pirate Ship

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Tetra cuts into your farewell and tells you to just give up. When she's finished talking, head through the door behind you to get below decks and speak with the little pirate named Niko.

Niko will challenge you to a game and promises you treasure if you succeed.

The game is fairly simple to win. Step on the switch to your right to raise the platforms and then start jumping across them. You can use the ropes to swing from platform to platform and reach longer distances. While on the ropes you can also stop and change direction, allowing you to be more accurate. If you fall, there is a ladder you can climb to try again.

Once you get across, Niko will be amazed and give you the Spoils Bag. If you accidentally fall during this task or if the time is about to run out before you get to the end, you can step on the left switch to return the platforms back to their original position before they were raised.

Once you finish, Tetra will call down and tell you that you've reached the Forsaken Fortress. Head back outside and Tetra will tell you to climb up to the lookout post. Climb the ladder and she'll get angry at you for playing games with Niko. Tetra will show you the Forsaken Fortress and the giant bird that kidnapped your sister nesting on the top.

She devises a plan to get you in and you end up being launched over in a barrel only hit the wall which causes you to fall into the waters below. Unfortunately due to Tetra's poor aim you also lose your sword and it lands onto one of the upper floors.