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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Walkthrough 3.3 Pawpring Isle

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Now that you have a sail you can make your way around the Great Sea with ease. You can also access your Sea Chart at any time to see where you are located on the Sea. With that in mind, get on the King of Red Lions and pull out your sail.

Turn right and make your way around the island until you're heading east, the direction that the arrow behind you is pointing. You should see a tall mountain off in the distance.

About halfway there you should notice a small island to the right, Pawprint Isle, which is surrounded by some palm trees.

Get off the King of Red Lions and climb onto the island. Cut down the grass around the dome in the middle to reveal a small hole that you can crawl through.

Fall through the hole inside the dome and you will land inside an underground cave. Head down the tunnel here, killing the Red ChuChus that appear in your path. Collect the Red Chu Jelly they drop and head down the path to the right.

Defeat the three Red ChuChus at the end and open the chest for the fourth Piece of Heart, completing the first Heart Container and adding one heart to your life gauge. Return to where we entered the cave and exit through the portal of light.

Crawl out of the dome and take a look around the island. You should notice a small platform to the east of the island. Get on the King of Red Lions and sail over to the platform. Speak with the man to the left and he will give you Treasure Chart #34. The man will also mention that a Grappling Hook would be perfect to haul up treasure.

That's all we can do on Pawprint Isle, so continue on to Dragon Roost Island. Along the way you will find a raft with a Pink Bokoblin on it. It's completely optional, but you can stop and defeat it for a chance to collect a Joy Pendant. You'll need quite a few of these in the future, so it's best to start collecting early.