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The Sims 3: University Walkthrough Nerds

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Nerds usually hang out at Keith's Komics in Sims University.

Hanging out with other Nerds and working on the Science skill are great ways to get in with the Nerds.

Sims who "Throw Test Tube" into Bonfire will gain Nerd influence. Throwing the test tube may causing a mood boost or gives a negative effect!

Amateur Gamer (level 2) can "Play Online on Game Consoles".

Trivia Guru (level 4) can "Hold Trivia Challenges vs Other Sims" and get a moodlet if your Sims win/loose.

Sci-fi Fan (level 6) can use "Mind Meld" interaction. This interaction will boost your Sims relationships with others and learn their traits.

Nerd Elite (level 8) will get an additional Social Group Trait. Reaching level 8 with other groups will only gives you an option to replace the existing bonus trait.

Game Master (max level within the Nerds) will unlock the Game Development Career (split into two branches at level 4).