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The Sims 3: University Walkthrough Jocks

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Jocks usually hang out at B's Bowlarama in Sims University.

Jocks thrive on sports and parties. Play bowling, perform the school cheer, and do the keg stands; are just some of the ways to raise Jock influence.

"Watch", "Poke" or "Add Wood" into Bonfire simply raise your Jock influence.

Wannabe (level 2) can do the School Cheer and throw Juice Kegger Parties!

Wingman (level 4) can host Bonfire Parties and take "Self Portraits".

Popular (level 6) unlock host "Parties for Charity" option (by opportunity only). Check for Social group job to trigger this opportunity.

Debutante (level 8) will get an additional Social Group Trait. Reaching level 8 with other groups will only gives you an option to replace the existing bonus trait.

Big Sim on Campus (max level within Jock Social group) will unlock the Sports Agent Career.