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The Sims 3: University Walkthrough Herbs Effects

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Basil -- Increases performance by 5% and opportunity reward by 10%

Bumbleleaf -- Makes Sims immune to fire and won't get caught cheating in exam or tagging walls.

Buzzberry -- Gain Athletic Skill 15% faster.

Chamomile -- Makes your Sims social; helps with social groups

Cinnamon -- Put your Sims in a romantic mood, boost the success of romantic socials

Ginseng -- Gives Sims a buzz so they will not crash when energy is low.

Greenleaf -- Helps your Sims to lose weight 20% faster.

Lavender -- Regenerates energy 10% faster when sleeping, reduce energy drop rate.

Licorice -- Makes hunger motive decay 30% slower.

Peppermint -- Tastes great, low chance of nausea.

Sweetgrass -- Gets rid of Buzz Crash and Nausea

Wonderpetal -- Makes Sims study 10% faster, increases University performance.