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The Sims 3: University Walkthrough Brain Enhancing Machine

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Brain Enhancing Machine 1.0: Sims with Technology major will receive this machine as a study object to improve their academic performance as well as gaining Nerd influence.

Find Test Subject > Observe Brain Enhancement -- Gives the receiving Sim a skill level boost.

Study Brain -- This interaction increase your Sims' Logic skill.

Brain Enhancement -- Improved your Sims' selected skill.

Brain Enhancing Machine 2.0: Has a lot more options. Handy Sims can upgrade Brain Enhancing Machine 1.0 to level 2 but even then it doesn't have all of the same options.

Find Test Subject 2.0 > Observe Brain Enhancement -- Able to observe brain enhancement with the exclusive 2.0 options on the Test Subjects.

Personality Programming -- Allows Sims to change their Traits & Full Name. Your Sims will get "New Identity" moodlet that last for a Sims day.

Genius IQ -- Sims will receive a "Brain Boost" moodlet for 12 hours. Make Sims study 50% faster.

Remote Viewing of Specific Sim -- Learn the personality of spesific Sims (traits, relationship status, etc).

Remote Viewing of Random Sim -- Learn the personality of random Sims (traits, relationship status, etc).