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The Sims 3: University Walkthrough Group Science Project

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Allow multiple Sims to work on the controls. These experiments gives Sims (teens and older) various moodlets and abilities.

Study the Red Pad Tie Node -- May encourage Streaking among those affected.

Adjust the Blue Magnatomic Pulse Array -- Everyone nearby is knocked out and gets the Power Nap moodlet for 3h. After 3 hours all motives are filled up.

Interface with the Green Mind Melder Module -- Gives all nearby Sims the Hive Mind moodlet for 6h, which increases skill gains.

All Three Activated -- Causing meteor shower of collectibles and loot. Can do it with a single Sim. Watch the light bars on the side, gradually fill with a light to one third of the machine and repeat with the other two.

The meteor shower looks like a lot of floating bubbles and will change form once they touch the ground.