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The Stanley Parable-Source Mod Walkthrough The Stanley Parable: Ending 6

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Walk through the blue door. When you do the game will teleport you back. Walk through the blue door again.

After the second time the blue door will be behind you.

Enter the unfinshed room. Wait until the narrator changes the map.

Exit the train through the door on the right.

Continue down the path.

Go throught the spin dial.

Continue down the way.

Walk around to reach the other side.

Enter the Security room.

Go to this door. The narrator will shut it on you, wait till he opens it again.

Climb up the ladder.

Jump down.

Fall down into the black hole.

Look around till you see a gray dot, walk to it.

You will be back in the office. Head to the enployee lounge.

Chosse which door you want, they both will lead to the enployee lounge.

Leave the enployee lounge.

Head up the stairs.

Enter the bosses office to see the ending.