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The Stanley Parable-Source Mod Walkthrough The Stanley Parable: Ending 2 & 3

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Follow the hallway's path.

When you reach the two doors, enter the one on the left.

Wait for the door to open in the enployee lounge.

Head up the stairs.

Enter the code 1957 in the key pad on the right wall behind two file cabents in the bosses office.

Go down the stairs and follow the path.

When you reach the wall of monitors, wait until the wall behind moves up.

Climp up the raffters in the back of the control room.

You will find two turn wheels. Disabling the Generator will give you ending 2. Engaging the Generator, ending 3.

Hold "E" to turn the wheel.

Wait until the door open. Step out to see ending 2.

Do the same for the Engage wheel for ending 3. When you turn the wheel you will have no where to go and the narrator will talk to you, and a countdown will begin. Wait for the countdown to end.