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Chapter 1a - Two of Us (Pete)

If you choose to save Pete, they will trapped inside here.

Since Pete's leg was injured. You can choose to help Pete by cutting off his leg or not. But it doesn't work anyway.

After few conversation, you can control Clem to find something that can help.

Go to nearby box, search inside it to grab a box of cigaratte.

Give it to Pete and help him to light the cigarette. The scene for the day time ends here.

At the night time, you noticed that Pete's condition worsen. Any choice reveal that ...

He's actually almost turns to a walker. Your next task is get away from here and go back to the cabin.

When Clem escaping from the walkers, just press some keys to avoid walkers out here.

Chapter 1b - Two of Us (Nick)

If from the Episode 1 you choose to save Nick, the second episode will end right here. Now, Clem with Nick trying to save themself from the walkers.

Clem will have few conversations with Nick.

When you able to control Clem, go to the far left.

Move the Plywood. Behind that, there are few whiskey. This action will trigger to the next scene.

During the night time, Nick starts to become crazy. Go talk to him.

You can just silent, ignore or persuade Nick to follow back to the cabin.

The result of the choice is same, only the scene is a little bit different.

No matter what you select, you have to go to the cabin alone.

Chapter 2 - The Intruder

Finally, Clem reached the cabin safely but she have to explain everything.

They wanna look for him (Pete / Nick). Whatever you choose, Clem will stay here with Sarah.

This weird girl is just filler to this scene. You can select any reply you wants.

During this time, a stranger visits this house.

He will exploring this cabin. It seems that he search for someone.

At some point, he found Sarah's photo. Now, that's problem.

After that, the man will go away. Looks like he got a plan to do right after he found the photo.

Chapter 3 - Departure

Before Clem get out from the cabin, the group reaches home. Sarah will start tell them about the man.

They will start asking question to Clem about him.

After the got the clue, they know the man is Carver. They decide to get out from here to escape from Carver.

Just before they escape, if you save Pete, they will go find Pete first. Otherwise, they will find Nick.

In any way, Pete will die and Nick survive.

Chapter 4 - In The Woods

This chapter starts when the group reach the bridge. Clem then use the binocular to search for a place to stay.

Look for station house and bridge, approx bottom-left of the view.

Whatever you select, you will go to the bridge with Luke.

Well, lets have some conversation with Luke. :3

Before this chapter ends, this walker take a deep sleep.

To be continued in chapter 5.

Chapter 5 - Crossing Bridge

They will encounter few walkers.

Just be quick to press any key show on the screen. Both Clem and Luke will be safe.

Any action will save Luke from the walker.

After that, you meet with this guy. His name is unknown because...

Nick suddenly came and shoot him.

They will continue crossing the bridge.

Chapter 6 - The Other Side

Fiinally the arrived at the small station. The conversation that is going on is about the killing that just occured.

Now, Clem should talk to Nick.

Enter the station house.

Find a knife on the table and use it to open the chest.

Alvin wants to keep the food for Rebecca. It's up to you to give it or not because the conversation will be interupted.

Chapter 7 - Reunited

Luke asked Clem to climb the tower.

During the scouting, it will be a light in the woods. The group has been tracked.

The most surprising moment in this game. Kenny still alive!

After a short conversation, Kenny's group trusted Clem and others. So they were invited to the lodge.

Chapter 8 - Revelations

In this chapter, mostly conversation and talk about Kenny. Eventhough the they have trust problem at start.

Kenny and Clem talk about each other on the fire.

Then, Clem head to Walt and again, talk. =...=

Why people always said Clem is same with the girl on that can?

Now, you gotta explore this area. You can play the music, take the CD and put it inside the player.

Talk to Sarita to move on to the next scene.

Go up to find the tree topper.

Again, conflict between them.

Take any item from the box nearby for tree top.

Finally, the dinner was served. :3

Chapter 9 - Christmas Dinner

The first to do is choose which table Clem will sit. Any place is same just affect the "remembered" for each person.

They will continue to talk during that time.

After few moments, Luke/Kenny will join at the table where Clem sat.

Somewhat, they talk about something stupid and get mad.

This chapter ends after Clem get up from the table.

Chapter 10 - Helping a Stranger

Again, chapter full of conversation. This time with Walter.

All the question he asked doesnt affect the game in any way. So just answer anything.

Outside of the lodge, there is a woman peeking inside.

At first she maybe looks innocent but actually, she's not.

Then, Luke call Clem for something important.

It's about a picture. The dead person Nick killed was Walt friend. Now they talk to tell the truth or not.

Nick will popped up from nowhere. Any option doesn't matter.

The interesting part is Walt found his friend knife.

Chapter 11 - In The Dark

The important choice. Tell the truth to let Nick die or lie to Walter to save Nick.

After the conversation, the windmill suddenly spinning heavily.

Light up in the dark and turn off the windmill.

They are surrounded by walkers but there is even worse thing awaits.

Before this chapter ends, there will be few actions with the walkers.

Chapter 12 - Caught In a Trap

Carver and his team found this place. Luckily Clem quickly hides from them.

Meet Alvin and Rebecca upstairs.

There are two options availabe. If you select to give up, then this chapter will skip to [END] label.

If you decide to find Luke and Kenny, Clem will get out from the lodge to find Kenny and Luke.

Keep going straight until Clem find Kenny. Luke will never be found during this time.

After few moments, Kenny will shoot one of the Carver's man. The result is lost of Walter's life.

For the second chance, if you still want to shoot, then Alvin will be dead. The choice is yours.

[END] Lastly, the only choice you have is to give up and surrender. The difference is if you give up early, more people's life can be saved. -END OF WDS2E2-