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After jumping off the log, you'll notice the controls are pretty simple. Use the arrow keys to move, and the spacebar to move faster.

You will see 2 frogs that are a sickly color come from the sides. These will continuously appear throughout the game. To save these frogs, you must push them into bubbles into they turn a healthy green and swim back up to the surface.

One creature that may look similar to a bull will come out from the side. If you look closely, you will notice his head is an upside down frog, and the rest of him is a jellyfish. You kill these creatures by not letting them get air, so try to avoid their attacks and get as many bubbles as possible.

Whenever anything dies in this game, they release a large air bubble whjch can heal you or another frog completely.

This time, one frog and one "bull" will appear from the side. Although it is possible to save the frog, unless you're going the one hundred percent route, or you love frogs a lot, I would recommend ignoring the frog until the bull is dead.

Two bulls come from the bottom this time, and it may take you by surprise which can take out some of your HP.

Next, two frogs and two bulls come. If you use the frogs as meatshields it will make your time a little easier. Try to avoid the bulls and get bubbles at the same time.

A poisoned bull comes from the ground next. Poisoned creatures shoot out small poison bubbles, and contaminate every bubble they touch. Defeat these by out lasting them.

Two bulls, one poisoned bull, and one frog come next. Follow the same tactic as before, dodge the attacks and try to consume as many bubbles as possible.

A new challenger approaches! The jellyfish is not that hard of an opponent to defeat by itself. Just run into it and guide it into bubbles. After consuming a couple of bubbles, the jellyfish will explode.

This next wave may get a little overwhelming. There are seven jellyfish, and they all come from the bottom. Follow the same strategy as before, run into jellyfish and guide them to bubbles, but remember to take breaks to regain your health.

This wave comes with one frog, one jellyfish, and two bulls. You need to watch out for the frog friend you have. If he dies, the jellyfish can take him as a head and turn into a bull, which are much harder to deal with. Try to kill the jellyfish first, then use the normal strategy against bulls. (Avoid them and consume as many bubbles as possible.)

One poisoned jellyfish and one frog come with this round. To beat this round, simply run into the jellyfish and guide him to bubbles, then you can save your frog friend. Make sure not to let the jellyfish kill the frog, as poisoned bulls are much harder to deal with.

Two jellyfish, one poisoned bull, and two frogs are in this wave. Focus on killing the jellyfish first, then dodge the poisoned bull and consume as many bubbles as possible. However many frogs are left alive afterwards can be saved.

Two jellyfish, one poisoned jellyfish, and two frogs are included in this round. Focus on the poisoned jellyfish first, then attempt to take out the other jellyfish, who may well have become bulls once you're finished with the poisoned jellyfish.

We've finally made it to the boss. This boss fight focuses on removing all four frogs from the boss.

You may notice that the bubbles come from the frog's mouths, which can be a little disturbing, but that also means the farther into the boss fight you get, the harder it is to get air.

A jellyfish will come out, you need to guide it to one of the frogs on the boss and make it turn into a bull.

After you turn it into a bull, the boss will get angry and raise it's appendeges. Although it may seem dangerous, they do not hurt you and you can walk through them. You're going to want to avoid both bulls and stay close to the frogs. If the bulls continue to get the air bubbles, you'll have a long fight on your hand.

After defeating the two bulls, regain some health and then go into the jellyfish and turn him into a bull.

This time, another jellyfish comes instead of another bull. Walk into the jellyfish and get him to also turn into a bull.

After you do that, another bull will come, and the boss will be close to popping.

Once you defeat the other bulls, one more jellyfish will appear. All you have to do is turn him into a bull.

Once you have done that, the boss will explode, and you will begin to float up to the surface while the credits play.

A nice reunion with our friends to finish off this game!