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Toki Tori Walkthrough Forest Falls - Level 8

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This is Forest Falls, Level 8. You need to collect 7 eggs. You have 1 bridge available.

Walk over to the ladder on your left.

Go down the ladder. Collect egg #1 when the porcupine is heading away from you.

Climb back up the ladder. The porcupine will fall down the ledge on your left.

Now you can go down the ladder on your right and collect egg #2.

Fall down the ledge on the left.

Climb up the two ladders here.

Use the bridge to fill the gap on your right.

Collect egg #3, to the right of your bridge.

Drop down the ledge on your right, then walk left to collect egg #4.

Go down the ladder on your right. Then head to the right and collect egg #5.

Climb the ladders on the right to reach egg #6.

Now head back down the ladders and grab egg #7 to your left. All done!