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Toki Tori Walkthrough Forest Falls - Level 6

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This is Forest Falls, Level 6. You have 6 eggs to collect. Your items are 1 bridge and 1 teleport.

Walk to your left and collect egg #1.

Drop down the ledge.

Make a bridge over the gap to your right.

Collect egg #2 by crossing your bridge.

Walk down the ladder and then drop down the ledge.

Don't go over to the right, or you'll get stuck. Instead, go left and pick up egg #3.

Climb the ladder, walk over the waterfall, and grab egg #4.

Climb up the ladder on your far-left. Get under the ladder you see on the platform above you, then teleport up to it.

Climb the ladder when the porcupine starts walking left from the egg. Grab egg #5 and drop down the ledge on your right.

The porcupine will end up following you, now that the egg isn't barricading its path.

Head right, away from the porcupine and climb down the ladder you come to.

Now you can drop off the ledge and head right to collect egg #6.