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Toki Tori Walkthrough Forest Falls - Freeze-O-Matic

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This is Forest Falls, New Item! You get a new item here, the Freeze-O-Matic. You need to collect 3 eggs here and have unlimited use of the Freeze-O-Matic.

You'll begin the level with a porcupine trapping you.

Use your Freeze-O-Matic on the porcupine to freeze it into a solid block of ice. Normally, you have to be careful doing this, because the ice can block your path.

In this case, you'll be able to walk right over the ice block.

Fall down the ledge when the porcupine is heading rightward. You'll land on egg #1.

Go ahead and freeze the second porcupine, just to be safe.

Walk over to the left and collect egg #2.

Climb down the ladder and go left to collect egg #3. That's it, pretty simple.