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Toki Tori Walkthrough Forest Falls - Level 9

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This is Forest Falls, Level 9. You need to collect 5 eggs. Your items available are 2 Bridges, 2 Telewarps, and 1 Freeze-O-Matic.

Climb down the ladder. You'll notice a porcupine will fall down the gap in the broken bridge, then get stuck between a stump and an egg.

Build a bridge in the gap of the broken bridge on your right.

Collect egg #1 on your right.

Stand on the bridge, under the egg you see above. Telewarp up to egg #2. Now you can drop back off the ledge here.

Climb up the ladders.

Head to your right and make a Bridge over the gap you come to.

Collect egg #3, found to the right of your bridge.

Stand on the bridge you made. Luckily you can teleport mid-air. Teleport downward when the porcupines start heading left.

You'll fall onto egg #4.

Quickly go right, over the waterfall, and drop off the ledge. The porcupines will get stuck in the waterfall.

Head over to the left and get on the stump in front of the porcupine. Use your Freeze-O-Matic on the porcupine.

Walk over the block of ice, collecting egg #5.