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Toki Tori Walkthrough Creepy Castle - Brick Switch

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This is Creepy Castle, New Item! You'll be introduced to the Brick Switch item. You only need to rescue 1 egg this time. You have unlimited uses of Brick Switch.

When the level starts, you'll notice there are some bricks in front of you.

Use the Brick Switch item to put those bricks behind you. This will only work if there is room behind you to move them.

Walk over the tiny lava gaps. You'll come to another set of bricks.

Use the Brick Switch and you'll toss them into the lava pit behind you.

Climb halfway up the ladder and head left, to another set of bricks.

Use Brick Switch to move these bricks behind you.

Climb up the ladder and fall on top of the bricks you moved. You'll be able to stand on them.

Climb up the ladders on your right and collect egg #1. All done!